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Dancing Baby Groot! 100% Soft


Dancing Baby Groot! 100% Soft

No raccoons nor tree creatures were harmed during the making of this movie.
"Guardians of the Galaxy End Credits" -Please tell me I’m not the only who saw that xD (via kafu)
The Signs thoughts


Aries: I’m better than all of you assholes

Taurus: I could eat some cake right now.

Gemini: I’m going to pretend I care about what you just said

Cancer: I need hugs and cookies.

Leo: Fuck u bitch I’m fabulous, bow down to me. 

Virgo: You’re all uncultered swines.

Libra: Stop war hug more

Scorpio: I tired of your bullshit, I just wanna sleep

Sagittarius: I wanna fuck your girlfriend

Capricorn: Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

Aquarius: I’m hot and gay.

Pisces: Fuck my life.


Frankenstein enters into a body building competition and finds he has seriously misunderstood the objective



70% of editing is just looking at ur work for a few hours with this face


true story

true for drawing

true for video editing

true for writing

just true


Really really need to invest in a PS4. Ugghhh.

I’m in the same boat now


Are we human?

Are we dancers?

Or are we groot?


become happy and powerful to spite the people who would like to see you in pain

"Hey, it’s not about blood. You and me are soul brothers, you know? We’re siblings of the spirit. Don’t worry about what those stupid, ugly chicks say…This looks pretty good on you, kid.